About Us

KC Trading Company, LLC. is an international commodities trading company based out of Boulder, Colorado. Our primary business operations involve the purchase and sale of various physical agricultural commodities, both into domestic and international markets. We specialize in trading pulses (beans, peas, and lentils), popcorn, rice, flax, millet, and pearl barley.

We also deal in a variety of specialty products, such as quinoa and bird seed.

Although a majority of the product we trade is for human consumption, we are also a leading pet food ingredient supplier. Our strong, long standing commercial and personal ties with a large number of producers allow us to provide our buyers with products that meet their exact quality and price specifications.

Our team at KC Trading Co. possesses a wealth of trading and logistics experience, thus, whether you are a first time seller, or an experienced industry veteran, we are confident that we can help make every trade a successful one for you. Furthermore, our team has over 100 years of experience between us, can provide service fluently in 5 different languages, and has had an unparalleled track record of success and excellence.

We urge you to get in touch with us, and see how our personal touch and expert advice can make all the difference in your next trading venture.