The magical fruit got its little moniker for more than just its ability to know what! Beans are truly a superfood, and have been treasured as a delicious and  highly nutritious culinary staple in many types of cuisine. Through their high protein, fiber, vitamin, and complex carbohydrate content, they have earned themselves a prime spot on many government and nutritional health organization food pyramids.

Furthermore, the sheer variety in color, shape, texture, and taste, make beans a highly versatile culinary item.

As a commodity, they are traded both domestically and internationally for canning and packaging, and can be found as primary ingredient in many of the most popular soups in North America.

Traditionally, most beans in North America are planted in late spring (as soil moisture conditions allow), and are harvested in the early fall. Beans are typically sold year-around, with availability and market conditions dictating supply and demand. Prices tend to fluctuate as weather, transportation, political decisions, availability of newer crop, and local factors change.

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