Our Story

  • Posted on: 16 May 2014
  • By: sako

In 2006, after decades of working in the international exporting and commodities business, Wayne and Knar Carrick we're encouraged by family and industry friends to take their skills and venture out on their own. KC Trading Company started small, but grew very quickly as many of their clients and contacts from prior businesses prefered to continue receiving the level of service, industry expertise, and dedication they had come to rely on when working with Knar and Wayne.

In 2009, KC Trading moved it's headquarters from Chapel Hill, North Carolina to beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Now located at the base of the stunning Colorado Flatirons, KC Trading has continued to service its international clients, all while building close relationships with local Colorado farmers and Cooperatives. These strong relationships and direct involvement in supplier operations, have allowed KC to posses an even more intimate understanding of the producers needs, ultimately permitting them to market directly for the source producers -consequently passing on the savings to their buyers.

Through fostering an environment of professional trust, KC Trading Company has become a widely recognized industry name, and is well-connected both domestically, as well as internationallly. Our clients trust us to provide straightforward advice and offer them quality products at competitive prices, while also treating our suppliers with respect and supporting them in any way we can.

As a family company, we believe in integrity, and pride ourselves on extending our clients the same level of care as we would to one of our own. We encourage you to contact us, and see why our personal touch makes a difference!